DotNetCompression Class Reference for Windows Phone
Noemax.WCFX.Channels Namespace (Noemax.ServiceModel.FastInfoset.WP7)
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassFiMessageEncodingBindingElement The binding element which specifies that the Fast Infoset binary XML format is used to encode messages.
ClassPluggableMessageEncodingBindingElement Represents the MessageEncodingBindingElement that can plug itself into an already configured Binding.
EnumerationCompressionAlgorithms Defines a set of compression algorithms.
EnumerationCompressionMemoryUsage Defines the memory usage limitation to be followed by compression.
EnumerationEncodingCompressionMethod Defines a set of compression algorithms to be used by EnvelopBehavior.
EnumerationFastInfosetSessionMode Defines a set of stateful session encoding modes that may be used by the Fast Infoset message encoding.
EnumerationFastInfosetWriterProfile Represents the XmlFastInfosetWriterProfile enumeration in WCF configuration."
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Noemax.ServiceModel.FastInfoset.WP7 Assembly

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