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The following tables list the members exposed by DeflateCompression.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorDeflateCompression ConstructorInitializes a new instance of DeflateCompression.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyDefaultCompressionLevel Gets and sets default compression level to be used when compressing data. (Inherited from Noemax.Compression.CompressionFactory)
Public PropertyNameOverridden.  Gets the name of the compression format 'DEFLATE'.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCompressOverloaded.  Compresses an array of bytes and returns an array of compressed bytes. (Inherited from Noemax.Compression.CompressionFactory)
Public MethodCreateDecoderOverridden. Initializes the ICompressionDecoder implementation associated to this compression method.  
Public MethodCreateEncoderOverridden. Initializes the ICompressionEncoder implementation providing the compression method.  
Public MethodCreateInputStreamOverloaded. Overridden.  Creates an input stream that reads and decompresses compressed bytes from the specified underlying stream.  
Public MethodCreateOutputStreamOverloaded. Overridden.  Creates an output stream that compresses the data and writes compressed bytes into the specified underlying stream.  
Public MethodDecompressOverloaded.  Decompresses an array of compressed bytes and returns an array of decompressed bytes. (Inherited from Noemax.Compression.CompressionFactory)
Public MethodSetSettings<T>Overridden.  Configures the factory with specified compression algorithm settings.  
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